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Driving Instructor Jobs

We Want: Good Driving Instructors in Leicestershire
Franchise: Become a driving instructor
Driving School Franchise Driving School Franchise What's on offer? Gainful business insights on running your driving school franchise in partnership with Jon Matthews Driving School. Short term contracts, controlled budgets and cheap franchise fees from £30.00 (Headboard Franchise), or £130.00 (with Car Franchise).

A professional driving school franchise opportunity that is fit for purpose, and managed with the mind of champions of industry. Become a British business enterprenuer with a career in teaching novice drivers that ticks all the right boxes.

Jon Matthews Driving School Franchising with the best franchise terms to grow your busieness empire, and two-week termination.

Small Business Entrepreneur

You can have the best UK ADI salary the industry has to offer. With the British Franchise Awards in sight, you need a driving school that understands, and crucially, works to improve your bottomline. You will get a driving business that propels your operations to become a top earner in your field.

Best ADI Franchise Deals

Are we the best for drivnig instructor franchise terms and conditions? We think so. Our no nonsense approach to reducing business costs, clever advertising strategy, and competitive, reseach gives us the edge in a highly dynamic business environment everytime you turn a corner So, yes, we can help you achieve your ADI franchising dreams.

Zero ADI Franchise

Jon Matthews Driving School has a range of fair franchise agreements to suit the professional driving instructor. Why should the driving instructor pay over the odds for running long franchise terms? It is our promise to let you have a very short term contract. Sometimes, (as with our zero rate franchise), you don't even need a contract at all. Just pay whenever we refer a pupil to you. This zero franchise deal is only applicable to ADIs wanting to take advantage of intensive courses that required by novice drivers. Details below...

Jon Matthews Driving School
0.00 New

If however, you choose to join us, you will get;

Jon Matthews Driving School offers great career opportunities for full and part time driving instructors. The driving school franchise agreement is designed to encourage practicing driver-trainers increase their potential earning power so they can have more time teaching novice drivers how to improve their driving skills.

Professional Driving Instructor! Wanted for Intensive Courses

Are you interested in our fast track training programmes for would-be drivers? Do you want to become a crash course driving instructor? (Not a flattering name, but what can one do?) Would you like a healthy tuition fee at the end of each month?

As an intensive driving school, we often get calls about intensive courses, even in areas we do not have ADIs. This has come to be the mainstay of our business at the turn of 2013.

And now, your options...

ADI Franchise

Full Franchise Agreement

Weekly Prestige Franchise
Become a driving instructor

A driving instructor franchise that ticks all the correct boxes.

Fully insured car for the professional driving instructor, for driving tuition. The Prestige ADI Franchise opportunity comes with a guarantee of 25 prepaid pupils, and no upper limit on referrals annually. Price: One Hundred and Fifty British Pounds, paid weekly in advance. 12-week rolling contract, zero referral fee, and 4 week termination notice.

Jon Matthews Driving School

Product ID: F-Pres150

£150.00 New

Trainee Franchise

Learn to teach driving quick. Earn as youearn with a potential driving instructor licence.

Headboard Franchise Opportunity

HeadBoard Franchise

Earn as you learn. Or is it Learn as You earn? Either way, you get the drift. Start your driver trainer career while you are still.

A headboard franchise for the car-owner driving instructor, for driving tuition. The Headboard Franchise can be accessed with or without decals. This ADI Headboard Franchise opportunity comes with a guarantee of 25 prepaid pupils, and no upper limit on referrals annually. Price: £30.00 - £40.00, paid weekly in advance, four-week rolling contract, zero referral fee, and 2 week termination notice.

Jon Matthews Driving School

Product ID: F-Hadi40

£40.00 | New

25 Prepaid Pupils

We are happy to guarantee at a minimum 25 prepaid learner drivers with no uper limit on referals. This is no small promise. We don't take everyone that applys. When you become a driving instructor with us, we will vet the possibility to fulfil our promise before taking you on board. Our marketing strategy is so good we rreceive emquires from pupils outside our areas of operation.

Short Term Contract

Becoming an ADI should not be a life sentence. Don't be held hostage by a contract arrgangement that is not working for you. We offer you the opportunity to pull out of your franchise deal with only 2 week notice. In fact, if we discover we are unable to fill your diary, we will be the first to let you know. We are so sure, we even give zero franchises to ADIs who want the occasional work fro intensive driving tuition purposes.

Go on! Become a professional Driving Instructor with us!

Insured Car Option

Whether you want a headboard franchise or fully insured car franchise option, we can arrange to meet your driving school needs. You will not regret becoming an instructor with Jon Matthews Driving School.

Become a Professional

We are not just offering a drivin instructor job where you will need to beef up your ADI salary, or income with a second part-time job. What's on offer? We are so keen on keeping your diary full such that you will live, work, and breath driving tuition. Once you get started, there will be no need to do that odd driving job with other haulage companies, taxi firms, or your local supermarket. Become a driving instructor with clout! Even with headbord franchise, you will have enough work to keep you going.

Jon Matthews Driving School

Every professional driving instructor deserves an equally professional driving school to help buuild their business activity with short term contracts. Jon Matthews Driving School aspires to be a leading driving school with the aim of providing headboard franchise opportunites and other ADI and PDI franchise needs.

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