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Driving Instructor Franchise Opportunity

Driving Instructor Franchise Opportunity

Are you in need of the best ADI franchise opportunity a reputable driving academy has to offer? Good business sense when a cheap headboard franchise is just not enough. It is our aim to be the best for driving school franchise services in the United Kingdom. A full ADI Franchise, inclusive comprising an insured driving tuition car, fitted with Dual-Control, all with steady supply of prepaid pupils. Now that's a clear route to running your small business empire.

You’ve done your research, or concluding with this one, and think driving instructor franchises for sale are not within reach, yet. So, how about your own franchising operations with support from partners and associates who have tested the waters, so to say. That’s where we come in.

Car Option. Cheap Driving School Franchise

Top Driving School franchise with Jon Matthews Driving School! We don't even tie you in for up to 10 weeks. Priced £130.00 weekly in advance, the instructor will get at least 22 pre-paid pupils a year guaranteed, with no upper limit on referrals.

Jon Matthews Driving School
Model: Dacia Laureate
Product ID: Esteem Weekly
£130.00 New

Compare our driving school franchise agreement with the others, and you will find we offer great value for pupils referred your way. You don’t even pay the exit fee! With guaranteed 25 pupils pre-paid and no upper limit on refereals, see your income get out of the red and smile all the way to the bank. We basically offer you a hands-off approach to running your pupil recruitment so you can get on with the training activities?

Work the hours you want to. Be your own boss, with pre paid pupils. Charge a realistic rate that will get your potential clients coming back for more. Everybody can be a winner here at Jon Matthews Driving School.

Meanwhile, for PDIs looking for a training contract, the short term agreement is fantastic, even for fully qualified instructors. Enquire now, or read on.

Features, Benefits, & Costs: PDI Franchise

Becoming a Full Time Driving Instructor: Jon Matthews Drivnig School

Note: Most of our pupils referred tend to pay in advance, giving you income security.

What Car?

The Dacia Sandero was revealed to the world at the Paris Motor Show in September, 2012. This supermini launched in the UK in March, 2013. So, it’s a pretty new car, with fantastic fuel economy. The TCe90 has a 90 HP. With Emissions of just 116g/km, it’s a C band rating for VED (£30.00 per year); but a combined fuel consumption of 56.6 MPG. Jon Matthews Driving School is happy to pay the road tax on your behalf.

The 15″ wheels give a relatively smooth drive and the gear changes roll like a summer breeze. Why are we telling you this? You will be given the Dacia Sandero (Laureate Trim). Did we mention it will be air-conditioned. So nice driving conditions on those hot summer days. Normally, this car comes in solid Glacier White. However, you may be driving the Mercury or Stone colour, where available.

In other news… With a 3-year warranty, this is the least depreciating car in the UK at the moment. And that’s the experts talking.

ADI Franchise Car: Teach Driving Professionally!

If you prefer another car, just let us know. We can work to make this happen, within reason.

Marketing, Support, & Fulfillment

What you get from our low cost ADI franchise costs…. We give you some copies of the Highway Code book. You will also receive a handful of the very helpful PC/DVD RoM, to get your learner drivers in the mood for staying on with you. But that's not all. You also get...

Is a Full Franchise too much for you? Are you a PDI? Perhaps in need of training sponsorship? Do you have the need for a training contract, pending when you get your Green Gadge? Do you want to pay less for the best ADI franchise? Jon Matthews Driving School offers one of the cheapest franchise opportunities for training PDIs.

Are there any Guarantees? Yes! We can guarantee at least 25 pre-paid pupils annually, with no upper limit on referals. Why? We will never recruit more people to be in direct competition with you. You tell us where you want to work, exclusion areas, and your days of operation and we'll populate your diary.

PDI Sponsorship

We have driver training assignments waiting for you, in your area. Who else is ready to offer you an intensive course franchise income potential? Look at the great income opportunities you could gain if you were one of our instructors. Have you read our low running costs can help increase your profit margins?

Note: Before choosing the Prestige or Esteem Franchise opportunity, try comparing it with our Headboard Franchise. Sometimes, a full franchise may not be as suitable, or economical, as one might think. A Headboard franchise might be just the ticket for your driving instructor business. Look at all the options before coming to a sound decision. If, however, you are a PDI with Pink Licence, it may be best to seriously consider the Headboard Franchise.

So come on, join us and Become a Driving Instructor with Jon Matthews Driving School.

Jon Matthews Driving School

We are well placed to help you become a registered and & practiving driving instructor. Join our team of professional ADIs and you too can start to increase your working salary from day one.

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