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Compare Franchise Opportunities

Driving School Franchise Terms Compared
Franchise Opportunity Prestige Esteem Headboard – With Decals Headboard – Without Decals
How Much Weekly? £150.00 £130.00 £30.00 £40.00
Driving Tuition Vehicle * Yes! Yes! No. No.
Your Own Car? No. No. Yes! Yes!
Decorated Vehicle? Yes! Yes! Yes! No.
ADI Insurance? ♣♣ Yes! Yes! No. No.
Initial Franchise Fees £150.00 £130.00 £25.00 £30.00
Payment Frequency Weekly Weekly Fortnightly Fortnightly
Pupil Referal Fee 0.00% 3.50%: Scrapped! 4.00%: Scrapped! 5.80%: Scrapped!
Set Up Charge £00.00 – £00.00 £00.00 – £00.00 £65.00 – £95.00 £65.00 – £95.00
Basic Wear & Tear ** No. No. No. No.
Payment Cycles ♥♥ 5th, 15th, & 25th 5th, 15th, & 25th 5th, 15th, & 25th 5th, 15th, & 25th
Termination Notice ♠♠ 4 Weeks 4 Weeks 2 Weeks 2 Weeks
Pupil Transfer Fee at end (Last 5) ♦♦ £5.00 £5.00 £5.00 £5.00
Franchise Fee £150.00 [ i ] Air conditioned Franchise car supplied supplied with tax, insurance, and dual control car: paid 2 weeks in advance £130.00 [ i ] Dacia Sandero Laureta (or similar) car provided: Taexed, and insured - Paying Franchise fees 2 weeks before starting £30.00 [ i ] For ADIs/PDIs with own car: Decal/Livery made on car - Franchise Fees are paid two weeks before commencing £40.00 [ i ] ADI/PDIs own tuition vehicle: Decal not made on car - Franchise Fees: paid 2 weeks in advance
* = JMDS provided dual control tuition vehicle. | = £5.00 escalation is built-in then refunded after 9 weeks. | = Payment in advance, Mondays. | = Charge for processing payments on your behalf. Not applicable if lessons fees are not collected. | = Varies depending on your vehicle. JMDS pays half the cost. | ♥♥ = Days when you are paid for pre-paid pupils, or day after if weekend/public holidays. | ♠♠ = How much notice you need to give to terminate agreement. | ♦♦ = The surcharge you pay for each new referral up to and including 8 weeks prior to termination date. | ♣♣ = Does JMDS cover your driving tuition insurance? | * * = Will JMDS will not pay for Tyres, Brake Pads, fuel, etc? JMDS will not cover normal regular running of vehicle. More details on agreement.

FAQ: Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How much the Jon Matthews Franchise Opportunity?

A1: The Jon Matthews Franchise Opportunity can range from as little as £30.00 up to £150.00.
What to expect You will get all the support needed to bring dow your operational costs, while also giving you increased income potentials.

Q2: How long are the franchise terms?

A2: Not as long as a piece of string, and that's a promise.
Actual driving school franchise terms can be up to 6 months, with one month notice period. If you choose the PDI franchise, (also called the HeadBoard Franchise, you need only give us 2-weeks written notice).

Q3: Can I pay after I start?

A3: Sorry, no. We are aware it seems cheeky asking upfront of two-weeks pre-franchise payment. But that is how we roll. When you start with us, your pupils will also pre-pay for driving tuition.
We want to work with serious minded ADIs who are going in with their eyes wide open. We are sure of our system, but planning costs money, and time. Hence the pre-payment to start.

Q4: How do I get paid after delivering lessons to pre-paid pupils?

A4: After you start with a pupil, you will be paid the pre-paid fee, in full, every 5th, 15th, & 25th of the month directly into your nominated bank account.
Your nominated bank MUST be in your own name. We cannot accept any other named bank or building society account. If the pupil pays you direct, of course, there is nothing more for you to pay us.

Q5: How do you guarantee pre-paid pupils?

A5: We have an operational policy that ensures we only hear from serious minded, & cash-ready learner-drivers. You will see this in most of our literature. Yes, as much as 25 pre-paid pupils are guaranteed for each year.
There is no upper limit on how many pupils we send you. Remember, quite a few will be intensive courses, so even before you start, the bulk of the fees will be secured for your benefit.

Meanwhile, don't forget our Intensive Driving Courses that have proven very popular amongst learner drivers. For this, you need not have a franchise agreement, just an agreement in principle to offer you work whenever we hear from novice drivers in your area. We give first refusal opportunities to our regular franchisees. For our regular ADIs, we there is no pupil referal, no expensive exit fee, and no-quibble notice period. You will get marketing liteerature, your own web page, and everything possible to ensure you succeed as a Jon Matthews Driving Instructor.

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