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Advanced Driving Course

Become a driving instructor: Top driving instructor pay for instructors in Leicestershire
ADI Training Application

Would you like to get the best driving instructor salary the UK has to offer? Have you been on the internet looking for driving instructor vacancies in UK for training on how to qualify to become a professional driving instructor? You need ADI training. Now, would you like a professional driving school to help harness your potentials in becoming an excellent driver trainer? And, upon completion of your ADI tests, would you like a satisfying career, or partnership arrangement, as an approved driving instructor? What can I say...You are in the zone!

Jon Matthews Driving School will help you with all the instructor training you need to to become a fully qualified driving instructor with the Green Badge of approval by the DVSA. Of course, you do need a calm disposition to succeed in this industry. You also need resilience to cope with the stress and uncertainty of being self-employed. But above all, you have to be a go-getter!

Driving Instructor Training Accreditation

That said, there is the basic qualifying criteria, and registration. Yes, you need government approval to ask for reward for your driver training services. You need to justify that salary you've got your eyes on. It is only after completion of your training that you can become a registered instructor. To achive this, the aspiring driving instructor must pass three qualifying examinations within a period of 2 years from completion of the Advanced Driving Theory Test. The qualifying exams, in sequential order, are;

  1. ADI Part 1 - Theory Test (100 questions).
  2. ADI Part 2 - Driving Ability Test (6 max driver errors)
  3. ADI Part 3 - Teaching Ability Test (Actual Teaching: involves role play)

Career Options

Would you like to teach Pass Plus as another income stream? You can as an approved driving instructor. Do you want to teach learner-drivers living with diasbilities? Or do you want a steady income from being a fleet trainer, working as a contractor for other corporate organisations? It's your career, so you decide. Open your chances at increasing your income by getting the right courses to help achieve your goal. Upon completion of your driver-training, and subsequent registration, Jon Matthews Driving School offers an array of operational benefits to help driver-coaches succeed in their chosen career path. With lower car lease costs, instructors can reduce basic business overheads.

driving instructor training jobs

Taking out a franchise agreement with Jon Matthews Driving School gives instructors the ability to tap into a resource box of goodies for actual learner-drivers. Known for cheaper driving lessons, Jon Matthews Driving School offers motoring and ssafety classes designed to support the Novice-Driver, PDI, and ADI in the following areas;

Instructor Teaching Ability Test Support

The ADI Part 3 Test can be challenging. So, if you choose the Trainee Licence, also called the "Pink Licence" route, you can be sure to get the right assistance to help you succeed. Teach driving with a low franchise fee starting from approximately £30.00, weekly. With literature designed to inspire, the PDI, with a Headboard Franchise, can earn while learning how to establish their own business empire. If, however, you've learnt the ropes but are still wary of going-all-in to become an independent instructor teaching automatic driving lessons, or manual, Jon Matthews Driving School will populate your diary as soon as possible.

It is in our interest that you succeed when you go for your advanced driving course. We need well trained driving instructors who can inspire other people to drive better, safer. If you are new to the business, we offer other driving instructor training and other business tips needed to get you get on your feet.

ADI Training Costs

Reduce the cost of your ADI qualifications by taking accredited courses that really count towards a veritable training experience.

Advanced Driving Course Driving Instructor Training Review

Driving Instructor Jobs

Upon successful completion of your ADI training, you can progress to teach driving after considering the following;

Approved Driving Instructor

Get a Green Badge quick! Become a driving instructor through us and you can be sure of a job immediately after your ADI Part 3 exams.

Driving Instructor Salary

We are sure this is what it all boils down to. You want to become one of the few driving instructor with the best salaries in the country. With Jon matthews Driving School, you can earn a substantial income, thanks to our low running cost. However, if we cannot find you the number of pupils you need to reach your income target, we will advice you on how to reconsider our business arrangement. You will not be tied in to a fixed contract.

So even if you want a full-time franchise with car option, or are looking for somethig more part time to suit your lifestyle, we would love to hear from you. You can use your own car, with or without decals.

HOT Tips

Qualifying cheaper! Let's face it, why pay expensively for things you can achive without assistance. Learn to teach driving as a career from only £1,200.00. We can help you become an ADI cheaper than most other driving schools can. Teach driving with Jon Matthews Driving School. Our driving instructor centre will help you achieve an income that surpasses many a driving instructor salary.

For driving instructor training jobs, don't forget you best place for cheap driving instructor franchise with pre-paid pupils ready to fill your work diary; right here at Jon Matthews Driving School.

Our driving school franchise will keep you in work as much as you want to work, or earn. You just need to pick the right package to meet your needs.

Jon Matthews Driving School

Your ability to teach learner drivers is a key thing we want to improve. Join a dynamic driving school training programme that will get you on the quick path to success!

Cheaper Driving Instructor Training Costs

This is very important: Improve your teaching ability quicker, so you too can teach others how to drive, & cheaper! We pride ourselves for being one of the cheapest for driving instructor-training. That's from ADI part I to ADI part III.

Driving Instructor Vacancies & School Franchise Opportunity

After you've completed your ADI training, professional driving instructors can go ahead to join Jon Matthews Driving School and start earning higher income as a registered driving instructor.

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